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Play Pisana is the new reference for Sports in Rome.

This new Sports Center is made of 6 outdoor and 2 indoor tennis courts, 5 new paddle courts, a pool, fitness center, soccer field, a restaurant called “Match Restaurant” and a parking lot right inside our complex.

The Play Pisana tennis school currently is in “Serie B” for the male division, recognized by the “Federazione Italiana Tennis” (Italian Tennis Federation)

The Sports Management is directed by Giuliano Pennacchini.

While, Alberto Tordi is responsible for the Paddle category and federal instructor.

Our Fitness Center offers the following activities: Pilates, Super Jump, Yoga, Crossout, Functional Gymnastics , GAG and Salsa & Bachata.

Our soccer field has a 5-player soccer school.

During summer we also open a swimming pool open to the public and private events.

Furthermore, inside our sports complex you can find Match Restaurant, a delicious Italian restaurant with a pizzeria open to the public every day from Monday to Sunday for lunch and dinner. We are also available to plan your private events, or birthday parties.

For more info or reservations, get in touch with us at +39 06 6446 6359

Play Pisana – Via dei Matteini, 35 – 00163, Roma


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Phone: 06 / 6446 6359
Via dei Matteini, 35 - 00163, Roma